Michael Smith

Drives for Team: Obsessed
Date of birth: 12/12/1984
Birthplace: Adelaide, SA
Now resides: Brooklyn Park
My nickname is: Smithy
My marital status is: Married
With wife's/girlfriend's name is: Ashlee
Number of children:  0
Occupation: Aircraft Engineer, Graphic Designer, Video Production
Favourite food: Pies
Favourite drink: Iced Coffee, Bundy Rum
Favourite TV shows: Hawaii Five-0, Modern Family, Wilfred, Overhauling, NHRA Drag Racing
I really hate: Whingers and bludgers
I really like: The smell of burning methonal
My other hobbies/interests are: Surfing, Waterskiing
My ultimate present would be: Blown Big Block 
My ambition in life is: To make enough money to support a family and have a FAST race boat
Greatest memory of the sport: Was travelling with dad and crewing for him when i was a kid.
Year I started racing was:: 1995
How I got my interest in boat racing: Had no choice, was brought up with boat racing in my blood. Our family is the first, 3rd genration racers in SA
In life, I look up to: DAD
Because: He shows swith commitment and lots of hard work, you can be successful in anything
My previous boat was a: J1, 1.6ltr Hydroplane
First boat raced: Alcatraz (J1)

Rookie of the year 1995

J1 Australian champ 1996

2nd in australia J1& J2 class in 2000

2nd in NSW state J1 & J3 class in 2000

Most respected drivers: John Cross, Dad, Trev Stanley, Craig Bailey, Chris Palmer, Grant Harrison