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Companies or business’s alike have a rare opportunity to partner with the Adelaide Speedboat Club to promote their brand.

The Adelaide Speedboat Club has built a reputation of building solid partnerships with business. The ASBC is dedicated to bring the wishes of their sponsors come true, while creating some of Australia’s most exiting Powerboat Racing.

The ASBC has several options for sponsors to choose from, whether you wish to sponsor the club or the annual  “Speedboat Spectacular” is completely what the sponsor desires. listed below is some of the many packages that are available to you.

Club Packages Available

– Dorwin Club Package

The Dorwin Package allows the sponsor to open their brand to the Powerboat Racing world. The Dorwin package opens unprecedented access to the Sunday of the annual Speedboat Spectacular, ultimately the day of the Dorwin Gold Cup.

– Commodore Club Package  

The Commodore Club is ultimately the stepping stone to building your brand in Powerboat Racing. This package will ensure that our spectators see your brand and understand the commitment you have made to the ASBC. We encourage small business to take this package to see how it may hep your business and build a better marketing strategy for the future.


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2019 Adelaide Speedboat Spectacular Sponsorships

Should your company/business wish to sponsor the major event of the ASBC, our sponsorship package book is available by email or in print. Please contact the Media Co-Ordinator for the package and more information on the event itself.

Connor Amato, Media Co-Ordinator