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Are these guys crazy or what!?

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Getting focused pre-race is vital

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to see what makes them tick. These pages are a tribute to those risking it all for the entertainment of those onlooking from the safety of the waters edge.

Speeds in excess of 100mph, unpredictable & ever changing racing surface, no brakes, no seatbelts (until recently with cell-capsules), no insurance & no millions of dollars in prize money. These guys MUST be crazy!

Powerboat racing is very addictive, and some people are simply born with it in their blood. There is little other explanation as to why these drivers are willing to risk their lives on a weekend chasing a chequered flag. Obviously competing in such a unique brand of motorsport is rewarding to say the least, and to get yourself to the top in this game takes a whole lot of guts and determination.

Fast Facts:
Drives for Team:
Date of birth:
Now resides:
My nickname is:
My marital status is:
With wife's/girlfriend's name is:
Number of children:
Favourite food:
Favourite drink:
Favourite TV shows:
I really hate:
I really like:
My other hobbies/interests are:
My ultimate present would be:
My ambition in life is:
Greatest memory of the sport:
Year I started racing was::
How I got my interest in boat racing:
In life, I look up to:
My previous boat was a:
First boat raced:
Most respected opponent:
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