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Neil Laundy

Neil is one of the senior competitor's at the club, and he's been racing at the North Arm since the early 80's. Other locations raced at include Goolwa (the former Goolwa Aquatic Club- no racing there anymore), Broken Hill, Mt. Gambier, Stansbury,

'Illusion' - Click to enlarge
No race suits in those days- Neil has seen the sport change

Pt. Pirie, Berri, Melton, Burrumbeet, and Albert Park Lake where he won the prestigous 'Champion of Champions' award in his 6 litre injected boat 'Illusion' (pictured). The 4ft trophy still sits proudly in his home. Given his long history Neil has competed against countless legends of the sport including Frank Lenzi, Bob Thurgar, Trevor Patti, Leigh Kavanagh, and the late Peter Magor & Geoff Tomkins.

Neil has also been known to mix it with the best in the country including Troy Marland, John Cross, Brian McCosker and Rob Psaila, just to name a few. Although Neil has never had the boat speed to match the top runners, his driving ability is up there with the best which see's Insanity constantly creeping up the ranks from the back of the field. Make one mistake at any stage of the race with Neil on your tail, you're guaranteed to lose a place.

Of the people who were present at the time, who could forget the then 40 year old to come out from an 8 year retirement period to win his first Dorwin Gold Cup, much to the amazement of many onlookers being only his first drive in a blown alcohol displacement. This was backed up by another win a year later, giving the underdog back to back Gold Cups, far beyond anyone's expectations.

Click to enlarge
Finest moment- 1996 Dorwin
Nice race suit - a white shirt
The old Sawcraft 'Reaction' at Goolwa - late 70's

If Neil was to be known for one thing, it's his consistency in a raceboat. His long experience in the seat has seen Neil maintain his ability to 'keep it clean' on the water throughout a race, ensuring the craft's longevity not just at a race day but throughout an entire season.

Treating equipment with respect has been number one on Neil's priority list, and this is reflected by the number of people willing to trust him with their boat in race conditions. Tom Harlow, Chris Richards, Gavin Trigg, Ken Arnott, and Kym Hankins have all had Neil in the hot-seat at some stage over the past 30 years.

Fast Facts:
Drives for Team:


No Remorse


Date of birth: 21st July 1955
Birthplace: South Australia
Now resides: Dingabladinga, South Australia
My nickname is: Laundy
My marital status is: Happily married for over 30 years
With wife's/girlfriend's name is: Lovely wife Lesley
Number of children: 2 - Glen & John
Occupation: Recently retired
Favourite food: Promite or Vegemite
Favourite drink: Red wine good or bad
Favourite TV shows: Home and Away, Cop Shop, McLouds Daughters, Bluey, Blue Heelers, Deal or No Deal
I really hate: Not racing boats
I really like: Talking boats, drinking booze
My other hobbies/interests are: Spending time at the shack on the Murray River, spending time with family, riding motorcycles
My ultimate present would be: It's coming
My ambition in life is: Build my own B.A.D Boat
Greatest memory of the sport: Winning the '96 Dorwin Gold Cup
Year I started racing was:: 1980
How I got my interest in boat racing: Going fast in my ski boat
In life, I look up to:
My previous boat was a: 18ft 6 Everingham, 6 litre injected 'Illusion'
First boat raced: Sawcraft 'Reaction'
Achievements: Rookie of the year

Champion of Champions 1985

Back to back Dorwin Gold Cup Winner '96& '97

3rd 1997 Melton Gold Cup

State title holder for unlimited 1998, 1999, 2008

2nd Dorwin Gold Cup 2008

4th Dorwin Gold Cup 2009

Most respected opponent: Dave Clark , Trevor Stanley
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