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Cleveland Freight Lines Jeff Thompson Memorial


25th April 2009


A small consolation for race fans this afternoon was the appearance of a few boats on the course for a brief practice run. True Blue, Prime Mover, All-Torque, The Boss and Unleashed all took to the water giving the crowd a much anticipated taste of what is in store for us tomorrow in the Dorwin Gold Cup.

Brett Shepherd would have to take the cake for creating a spectacle for the crowd. The BNR Engines 510ci blown big block pushed the 18'6" Childslay along the choppy Port River in spectacular fashion (as always) and shook the very ground we all stood upon.

Pics coming soon.

25th April 2009


Although conditions have improved slightly since this morning, officials have decided to cancel the Cleveland Freight Lines Jeff Thomson Memorial Trophy for 2009.

STAY TUNED for more news updates coming soon.

A special THANK YOU to James Lines from MediaSPEC for supplying wireless broadband today. Conditions permitting, we'll be able to utilize it much more tomorrow!

Sorry state of affairs

A picture tells a thousand words. Far too windy and rough for any competition so far, and despite a fantastic turnout of boats (both local and interstate) we have not seen any action yet.

The beaurau has indicated that the current conditions will blow through in the next hour or so, we can only hope.


24th April 2009

Extremely wet weather has hampered the start to Adelaide's major powerboat racing event. Cold winds and heavy downpours throughout the afternoon resulted in all but one boat to remain on their trailers for the day.

New 6 litre carby outfit 'Bout Time owned & driven by Matt Smith was the only rig to hit the water today and delivered a much needed burst of noise and speed for the spectators who'd been waiting patiently for some action in the cold.

Other positives to come from the day were the arrival of several interstate competitors. There has also been talk of Victorian team Rythum (B.A.D) heading over to compete in some much anticipated racing over the next two days.

As we get set for racing action, we'll all need to pray that the rain stays away from Torrens Island as a repeat of todays weather will make for some very difficult conditions for the drivers.

STAY TUNED for news updates tomorrow and Sunday.


Getting to the race course:

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