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Dorwin Gold Cup

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26th April 2009, 5:30pm


1st - Don Morton Marine (Craig Bailey)

2nd - Unleashed (Brett Shepherd)

3rd - Agent Orange (Trevor Stanley)

4th - Insanity (Neil Laundy)

5th - Rythum (Wayne Hodgson)


Pics coming soon.

26th April 2009, 4:30pm

A special note for the Supersport (25/550) guys who have been racing cleanly & consistently all day both on the short and long courses. Ryan Stunell has been at the head of competition throughout the day and obviously isn't deterred by his near miss in race one where he nearly flipped his boat over. Well done guys, pics coming soon.


1 - Don Morton Marine (Craig Bailey)

2 - The Boss

3 - Unleashed

4 - Agent Orange

5 - Insanity

6 - Rythum

Emergency: Leeder Racing

26th April 2009, 4:15pm

Confirmation - The Real Thing has retired with a blown engine. Bad luck to the boys who were certainly in for a podium finish.

Also - Brett Nidgree from BNR Engines connected his laptop to the Unleashed data logger and has confirmed that due to rough conditions Shepherd has reached a maximum 56% throttle this weekend, despite being at the head of the field!

26th April 2009, 3:45pm



1st- The Boss

2nd- Unleashed

3rd- Agent Orange

4th- Insanity

5th - True Blue

6th- Image


1st- Craig Bailey Marine

2nd- The Real Thing

3rd- Rythum

4th- Number 66 (Leeder Racing)

5th- No Remorse

DNF- In Excess

Some fantastic racing once again. Concern after The Real Thing blew out steam just as Walsh crossed the finish line, followed by a red & white flame from the driver seat to the back of the boat. It was unable to return to the bank so doesn't look good. Tony is OK.

Final pole positions TBA

26th April 2009, 2:15pm


In Excess, True Blue, Number 66, Image & Bondage opened up the 6 litre racing in spectacular fashion. The front runners were the boats to watch with the lead changing several times.

Despite looking like settling for second place our Australian Champion Jeff Stunell managed to take Paul Harvey on the outside and nudged ahead to take first place in a nail biter. The nose of his Everingham got in front by less than 1 meter at the chequered buoy.

26th April 2009, 2:00pm


Wow! Some fantastic racing at last. Race 1 of the Unlimited saw Craig Baily take the honours in front of Tony Walsh in The Real Thing, followed by Trevor Stanley in Agent Orange looking & sounding fast, with the field rounded out by Kym Henkins in No Remorse and Neil Laundy in Insanity closely competing for 4th place, not more than a couple of hundred metres behind the leaders.

Race 2 was a 3 boat field with Brett Shepherd in Unleashed narrowly leading Tim May in The Boss into every turn. Rough water made things difficult for the little 18'6" Childsplay but Brett's abilities were good enough to fend off a charging May in his deep V Stephens hull. Unfortunately Rythum retired from the race after 2 laps despite showing some excellent straight line speed and cornering ability.

26th April 2009, 1:30pm

Now it's not a case of rain or wind delays, but a school of dolphins holding up proceedings! Sometimes you just can't win. With race officials obviously looking out for the wellbeing of marine animals, the first 6ltr race has been cancelled.

The first 5.2ltr race was run a short time ago with Victorian competitor Prime Mover bringing home the bacon with ease ahead of JAC Racing, Rasputin & a broken down Proformance.

Prime Mover

Stay tuned.

26th April 2009, 1:00pm


The Supersport class have kicked off the Dorwin Gold Cup with 2 races started by the clock. Our first Displacement race is just moments away PLUS conditions are continually improving.

26th April 2009, 12:00pm

It's all happening, finally! Tony Walsh has just revived the flat bottom legacy steering K88 for a few laps. A sudden loss of drive would suggest some gearbox problems, and it appeared that Tony was driving with one hand on the wheel and one hand on the gear release to keep it in place.


As I write Jeff Stunell is pushing In Excess for his practice laps and it is certainly looking faster than ever thanks to some additional compression put in the engine by Magor Automotive.

26th April 2009, 11:30am


Although intermittent showers are still plaguing the race course, windy conditions have eased. Insanity driven by Neil Laundy has just completed the first practice run for the day and the first race should be underway within an hour.

26th April 2009, 10:00am

Well the weather doesn't look to be much better than yesterday but the forecast suggests that the strong wind will ease earlier today. We can only hope. Stay tuned.

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