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Round 3 HI POINTS - December 7th 2008
North Arm Gillman, South Australia


The Adelaide Speedboat Club faithful had an early start on this Sunday due to both tide times and the annual Christmas party- organisers were well on the rise prior to 6:00am. With all boats ready to race by 9:00am (nearly 20 in total) and Santa Clause scheduled for 1:00pm, everyone was set for short-sharp and shiny racing.

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25/550's & J2's ready to go
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Disturbance with speed at the bridge end turn. Courtesy of Phil Williams Media & Marketing

Yet again regulars 'Bondage', 'Bite-Me', 'Balls 'n' All', 'J.A.C Racing' and 'Proformance' entertained us in the 5 and 6 litre displacent classes, with welcome inclusions from hydroplanes 'Rasputin' and 'Disturbed' mixing up the support races. All the 25/550 boys were back on the water fiery as ever, including a couple of additions since Berri last month such as 'Snafu 2' and all enjoyed the perfect conditions at the North Arm.

Once again the crowd was unlucky not to see favourite 'Agent Orange' on course- unfortunately the Stanley boy's suffered a minor glitch during engine testing the night before resulting in a precautious withdrawal from round 3 of the HI-POINTS series. Another withdrawl was Jeff Stunell who found himself in an open cockpit while helping out race control with the tractor driving. An unforunate hurt to his engine at Yarrawonga has put 'In Excess'on the sidelines.

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Photo by Dale Attwood

Great to see back in the Port River

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Professionalism on show - 'The Real Thing' consists of a 6 person crew

Funnily enough, as in round 2, the absence of one B.A.D favourite was countered by the presence of another- Dave Clark and the team appeared in a much welcome return for season 2008-2009 with 'Tuff e Nuff' and rounded off an excellent field of Blown Alcohol Displacement raceboats including 'No Remorse' and 'The Real Thing'.

The 3 B.A.D. boat contenders kicked off the day at 9:00am with a thunderous roar, and Bruce Jordan took the win in the green machine. 'The Real Thing' looked and sounded like a lightning bolt from start to finish, screaming past the crowd at nearly 7500rpm. Given the form of this race team at the past two meetings, the future definitely is green.

Dave Clark was busy testing out a new combination with his boat, and despite never quite reaching full throttle throughout the day he managed to take race two of the B.A.D class. Jordan followed closely behind while Neil Laundy in 'No Remorse' struggled with a broken throttle spring and un-easily got across the line third. There's a first time for everything and today, Laundy completed his first 360 degree spin in an Evercraft at the eastern corner.

In need of practice- Kym, John, Jamie & Neil getting prepared for B.A.D action
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Phil Williams Media & Marketing

B.A.D Race 3 was a repeat of the first, only this time Laundy showed the confidence to utilise the power at his disposal and led the other two boats to the first buoy, allbeit a few feet in the air. Jordan and Clark showed even more confidence in their crafts while closely competing for 1st- sheer "in the seat" experience getting the better of their senior competitor. Let's hope Kym Hankins can see his boat toward the head of the field with 'Tuff e Nuff' and 'The Real Thing' in the near future.

The support classes competed in both handicap and le mans racing, and this made for some spectacular moments with the lead changing very close to the finish line. John Warren in 'Balls 'n' All' managed to pip Brian Jeffrey in 'Bondage' on the very last corner of the Le Mans race on the short course.

Unexpected lead changes may have been the theme for the day with Chris Wellington pipping Ellise Borg on the very last straight of race 1 in the 5 litre class. Borg was set for her second career victory only to lose it within meters of the finish line. Well done to 'JAC Racing' - the never say die attitude certainly proved to be a winner.

En route to his first chequered flag Photo by Dale Attwood

A special commendation to Jamie Reu who celebrated his first win in the old hydroplane 'Rasputin'. A good drive indeed, and a very good effort to avoid being dunked in the water post race. Well done to Ken Arnott and the crew.

No incidents either physical or mechanical were reported throughout the day, which is a success by any means. One exception however from team 'Disturbed' - a test session after the racing with Mike Smith behind the wheel resulted in a sudden loss of drive. The hydroplane was starting to look very quick on the water too, bad luck for Mike and the guys and let's hope it's back on the water as soon as possible.

Photo by Dale Attwood

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