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Numbers are down but Adelaide Racers still show spirit

15th February 2010

Back in action - the Stanley/Smith 6lt carby combination 'Alcatraz'

It may have felt like Sunday but for a change the Adelaide faithful hit the water on Saturday afternoon for a rather casual days racing in somewhat windy but warm conditions. Read more-->

Clark shows we have the worlds best in Adelaide

28th January 2010

As this video shows, Adelaide's blown boats are among the best in the world. In his best performance yet Dave took it to Brian McCosker in a number of races only just falling short of victory against the World Champion. Video courtesy of Mike Smith Graffix:

Dean Borg on 7 news

27th January 2010

Everything happens in threes

24th January 2010

Day 2 of the Berri Resort Hotel Speedboat Spectacular has certainly been what the name suggests- spectacular but for all the wrong reasons. Read more-->

Shock horror as Proformance flips & crashes

24th January 2010

Dean Borg has been involved in a spectacular crash where his boat flew into the air about 2 storeys high, flipping in a clockwise direction and rolled when it hit the water again. Moments later Dean emerged from the submerged boat seemingly unharmed. Although I am unable to confirm exactly it appears that the boat threw a propeller blade at full noise when it hit some very rough water.

Our thoughts are with the Borg family who were watching when the incident occured on the back straight.

More details later.

Clark awes the crowds while May takes silver in Stannard Cup, Borg in first final appearance

23rd January 2010

Crowds have been witness to some truly awesome racing at the Berri Resort Hotel Speedboat Spectacular and our local teams have been taking it right up to the best of the nations competition. Read more-->

A disturbing outside chance for the Les Schrapel Memorial

22nd January 2010

Russell & Mark Ward would have woken eagerly this morning as they head to Berri with their hydroplane 'Disturbed' which will be gracing the water for the first time this season today. Read more-->

Les Schrapel Memorial shapes a Six Litre Showdown

21 January 2010

The Berri Resort Hotel Speedboat Spectacular is upon us and among other classes, the field of 6 litre boats promises some entertaining racing. Looking at the program, these guys will be flat out competing not only in their own class but in the inaugural Les Schrapel Memorial for Unlimited Un-blown. Read more-->

South Aussie B.A.D camp to contend Stannard Cup

16th January 2010. Photo's courtesy Dale Attwood.

South Australia has gained a reputation for having the biggest field of blown boats in Australia. Although several teams will be out of action for next weekend's speedboat spectacular, our bad boys will be packing some punch and looking to upset the big guns from the East. Read more-->

'Titan' all set for round 1 of first national series in years

14th January 2010

The countdown has been on for nearly 12 months and finally the first round of the inaugural BAD Boy Mowers Blown Lites Superboats Championship is little more than a week away. Read more-->

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