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Agent Orange

Photo's courtesy of Dale Attwood
Trevor being hard pressed by Tim May in 'The Boss'

The ever spectacular "Agent Orange" has often been the topic of conversation among B.A.D enthusiast's. The Stanley brothers are campaigning what is a drawcard that diehard racefans will drive hundreds of miles to bare witness to. Extremely high powered

Seriously heavy metal

engines built by Stanley Race Engines pack so much punch (some argue too much) that driver Trevor often find's himself heading skyward. The implementation of a PSI blower designed for drag racing has made for what Trevor says is a "very touchy throttle".

The team came close to tragedy in 2007 at Windsor when the Everingham suddenly flipped while full throttle down the starting straight. Both driver and racecraft were miraculously un-scathed and, shall we say un-phased - both Trevor and Agent Orange were quickly back on the water some months later.

The lethal formula

Some people have been quick to criticise the team for the boats wild and sometimes inconsistent behaviour on the water- obviously the boat getting the most air time is bound to cop the most criticism. Rest assured that as the Stanley boys continue to improve and perfect their Agent Orange formula, all the cynics will have egg on their face.

A new beginning for the team came towards the end of season 2007-2008 with the arrival of their first "Big Boat", a 21 foot Evercraft built by Malcolm Everingham. This combination saw the orange crowd pleaser reaching unprecedented speeds at Mildura 2008, together with a few moments of unprecedented heights. Let's hope season 2008-2009 will be the year the Stanley boy's finally hit the sweet spot.

Fast Facts:
Owner: Trevor Stanley
Driver: Trevor Stanley
Crew members: Kevin, Jacque, John, Matt, Skeet, Terry
Race Class: B.A.D
Hull length & type: 21ft Evercraft
Race boat number: AS10S
Year of manufacture:
Engine built by: Stanley Automotive
Engine capacity and make: 540ci
Components of interest: PSI Supercharger
Estimated horsepower: More than enough
How did the boat get it's name: Sue Eitz
Cell capsule cockpit?: No
Aerodynamic rear wing?: No
Recent results: Errol Jay Trophy Winner
Most coveted race finishes:

Australian Champion for Unlimited 2009

2nd in every other mojor race in country (not kidding)

Estimated build cost:

Rehmac Motors

ULX-110 Custom Oils

Nightmoves Clothing

Stanley Automotive

Samex Pty. Ltd.


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