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Cheet Racing

Don't assume the name of this race team is suggestive in any way - the lads from Cheet Racing are a serious bunch of racers with respect for their competitors. Comprising of four boats, drivers Braydon Amato, Geoff Cutler Luke Thompson and Ralph Johnson are always up for a hustle on the water in their 25/550 raceboats.

The fact they're all on the same team won't stop them from competing against each other either- watch for some close racing in this class on all fronts.

Check out each of the guys raceboats by following these links:

Sky Rocket



Snafu 2


Fast Facts:
Crew members:
Race Class:
Hull length & type:
Race boat number:
Year of manufacture:
Engine built by:
Engine capacity and make:
Components of interest:
Estimated horsepower:
How did the boat get it's name:
Cell capsule cockpit?:
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