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Devil's Dust
Devil's Dust
Fast Facts:
Driver: Michael Behrndt
Crew members: Behrndt, Andy Behrndt, Ray Nicolai, Joe (DP) Repucci
Race Class: 6.0 litre hydroplane
Hull length & type:

20ft 6" length; 10ft 6" wide

Race boat number: S8
Year of manufacture: 1989
Engine built by: Will be by Joe (DP) Repucci
Engine capacity and make: 350ci Chev
Components of interest: Now that will be giving it away
Estimated horsepower: Hopefully heaps
How did the boat get it's name:

Graham Troy suggested it as it's the opposite of Holy Smoke a Hydro that my uncle Andy Behrndt ran in the early 90's as he thinks my brother and I are little devils haha

Cell capsule cockpit?:

Will be a Ron Jones Advanced Design cell

Aerodynamic rear wing?: Who needs them
Recent results:
Most coveted race finishes:
Estimated build cost: Well the wallet is always empty

DP Mechanical, R&A Fencing, Troycraft Raceboats

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