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In Excess

They say it's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog- 'In Excess' proves this saying true. Boasting 700hp, all coming from a little 366ci smallblock Chev, this boat sounds a treat coming past the crowds at 8000rpm. Jamie from Magor Automotive has put a lot of work in to this little engine, and together with the commitment from Jeff and the team they brought home the 2008 Australasian title for 6 litre injected from Mildura.

A commitment to racing is what this team is all about. Not only will you see this boat in the Port River in SA- these guys travel all over the countryside campaigning what is one of the fastest and most consistent 6 litre boats in the country. Expect to find 'In Excess' on the water in parts of NSW and Queensland this year at the UIM General Assembly.

As you can see this craft consists of the newly designed capsule cell. The new Evercraft boats position the driver in the center of the hull, and this balance seems to result in spectacular cornering abilities - catch yourself on the outside of Jeff during a turn & you'll be copping a pretty heavy spray down. If you're watching from the shore, keep an eye on Jeff in the corners as it's where he makes up a lot of ground on his fellow competitors.

So what to expect from In Excess in the future? No doubt some of the blown alcohol boats will be kept honest & made to work hard for their races. Let's hope Jeff & the boys can position themselves for back to back 6 litre titles.

Fast Facts:
Owner: Jeff Stunell
Driver: Jeff Stunell
Crew members: Jamie, Paul, Mark, Ryan, Adam, Bruce
Race Class: 6 litre injected
Hull length & type: 19ft Evercraft
Race boat number: AS16S
Year of manufacture: 2003
Engine built by: Magor Automotive
Engine capacity and make: 366ci Chev
Components of interest: NASCAR style dry sump
Estimated horsepower: Around 700hp
How did the boat get it's name:
Cell capsule cockpit?: Capsule
Aerodynamic rear wing?: No
Recent results:

2008 Australasian 6 litre champion

1st 2008 Trojan Cup

Most coveted race finishes: 2008 Trojan Cup Winner
Estimated build cost:
Sponsors: Magor Automotive, Active Batteries, Access Hire, Able Roofing
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