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'Insane 3' in its former glory
Photo courtesy of Dale Attwood

If you were to pick one of the current raceboats on the water with a lot of history, then Insanity would be the pick of the bunch. Originally built way back in the early 80's by none other than Burt Everingham, this girl was made to last, and she has- remaining competitive to this very day. Some recent work on the hull by Ken & The Mob has been carried out to ensure the latest team owners can get another season or two out of the old favoutite before retirement, and we can expect to see it back on the water towards the end of season 2008/2009.

Ken Arnott behind the wheel

The longevity of this craft can be attributed to not only the boat builder but also the various owners who would only have the most trusted & capable hands put behind the wheel. This, together with a sound setup that finds good overall balance between competitiveness and reliability, is why we can still see Insanity tearing around the course nearly 30 years after being built. Geoff Overall, Trevor Pattie, and Neil Laundy are some of the drivers employed for Insanity, together with owners Frank Lenzi, Chris Richards and Ken Arnott, just to round off a solid list of considerable experience.

Laundy pushing hard down the back straight

The quantum leap in top speeds in the world of B.A.D has seen Insanity 'fall from grace' as far as a pack leader goes. After its reign in the 80's, Insanity was known more for its reliability as apposed to top end speed. Still not to be outdone, this craft possesses some of the best corner-handling qualities of even the latest, fastest raceboats, and is often seen nipping at the heels of front runners towards the end of a race once the going gets rough.

Walking on water
Photo by Dale Attwood

The return of experienced driver Neil Laundy resulted in some fantastic finishes including several club day wins (resulting in yet another State Title) together with an unexpected 2nd in the Dorwin Gold Cup amidst some fierce competition from 'The Real Thing' driven by Tony Walsh and interstate competitor 'Unleashed' pedalled by Bret Shepherd. No better example of how reliability can put you on the podium.

Old vs. New - 'Titan' pushing close to 'Insanity'
Fast Facts:
Owner: Ken Arnott

Neil Laundy & Ken Arnott

Crew members: "THE MOB"
Race Class: B.A.D
Hull length & type: 20ft Bert Everingham
Race boat number: S02
Year of manufacture: 1985
Engine built by: John & Neil Laundy
Engine capacity and make: 440ci Chevrolet
Components of interest: Original Velasco billet crankshaft
Estimated horsepower: 1000
How did the boat get it's name: Previous owner Chris Richards converted the name from 'Insane' when he purchased the boat in 1996. Frank recommended simply painting 'TY' on the end of the existing name, although Chris went ahead with the correct spelling.
Cell capsule cockpit?: Absolutely not
Aerodynamic rear wing?: No
Recent results:

2nd 2008 Dorwin Gold Cup

1st 2007/2008 South Australian state title for open unlimited

Most coveted race finishes:

Australasian Championsips 1988 & 1989

Back to back Dorwin Gold Cups 1996 & 1997

Estimated build cost:

Approx $50,000

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