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So what's a race boat team made of?

"The Benchmark" - Brian McCosker in 'Liberty'

Powerboat racing is very different to the world of car racing, in that things are built to endure. We're not talking about Supercar teams with unlimited budgets and an endless barrage of spare parts & vehicles- a race boat hull must last at least 4 or 5 seasons at minimum. Usually they are used for much longer, sometimes over 30 years. They're built tough.

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Big turb's
BIG turbo on board 'Duggan Balancing'
Engine builders for raceboats must construct their work so as to last more like an entire season as apposed to just one weekend of racing. Or at least that's the plan anyway- a common sight in boat racing is a "lunched up" race engine sitting amongst a hull full of oil & pieces of metal. The stresses on a motor held full noise throughout a 3 lap race is similar to a drag car doing 6 quarter mile runs at once. That is one of the main challenges each team faces- you need to finish a race to win a race.

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