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The Boss
Racing closely with Tuff-e-Nuff

In what is one of the few remaining 'deep-V' raceboats on the water, no one knows rock and roll racing like Tim May and his B.A.D boat 'The Boss'. When this boat hits full throttle down the straight, one may be mistaken for thinking it looks out of shape. Keep your eyes on the boat and you'll soon realise that despite rocking from side to side on the V bottom, it's actually one of the tidiest outfits on the water. Add to this the fact that 'The Boss' is often seen racing side by side with the likes of 'Agent Orange' and 'Tuff-e-Nuff', this is one serious unit.

Straight-line cruising
Photo by Dale Attwood

Powered by just a small block Chev, when the air gets under the Stephens hull she pushes upward of 130mph. The deep-V makes for fantastic cornering capabilities & rough water handling, plus the boat accellerates very hard coming out from the corners. Driver Tim May is certainly not to be underestimated either- not by any means. This highly experienced racer compliments the boats qualities with exceptional skill displayed time and time again. Never any foul play from the man either- Tim always gives his fellow competitors enough room in the corners to race comfortably.

There is however frustration among the camp, as during recent times 'The Boss' has been plagued by very simple mechanical problems that have seen the boat break down when only a lap or two from completing very strong winning performances. This not only includes club day races, but major days such as the Berri Spectacular and 2008 Dorwin Gold Cup. It would be great to see the team have a little more luck in the future and take home what would be some highly deserved podium finishes.

Fast Facts:
Owner: Tim May
Driver: Tim May
Crew members:
Race Class: Blown Alcohol Displacement
Hull length & type: 18'6" Stephens V
Race boat number: s81
Year of manufacture:
Engine built by: Myself (Tim May)
Engine capacity and make: 410ci Rodeck
Components of interest:
Estimated horsepower: 1500 approx.
How did the boat get it's name: Bruce Springsteen tour from years ago
Cell capsule cockpit?: No
Aerodynamic rear wing?: No
Recent results:
Most coveted race finishes:
Estimated build cost:


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