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The Real Thing

All photo's courtesy of Dale Attwood

When the driver of this boat drops their foot on the accellerator, they're assured to know it certainly is the real thing. No it's not Coca-Cola- its a 130mph rush complete with forced induction. 'The Real Thing' owned by Bruce Jordan is yet another of Adelaides top-notch blown alcohol displacement raceboats.

Chrome accents
Green compliments chrome nicely

In what would appear to be an Evercraft hull, a closer inspection reveals that it is in fact a Racecraft- an identical version of the Evercraft now built by Bruce himself. The boat is fitted with either the "big engine" which is a 510ci Chev with a 1471, or the "little engine", still consisting of a 427 big block chev and an 871 wound right up. Whichever combo is used, 'The Real Thing' is a quality competitor.

The recent founding of a potent partnership saw the career comeback of racing champion and APBA President Tony Walsh. At the 2008 Dorwin Gold Cup, Tony was asked to drive the boat and was immediately back to his best, topping off F1 competitors leaving onlookers stunned. Solid performances at Mildura 2008 and the Marj Watson trophy also gained reputable results where he and Bruce shared the drive.

Jordan goes wide open

Here the partnership proved even more fruitful- Bruce looked as though he had made some considerable gains as far as his driving ability and confidence goes. One would have to assume that this is no doubt a result of some valuable advice from Tony.

Fast Facts:
Owner: Bruce Jordan

Bruce Jordan

Tony Walsh

Crew members: Mitch, Greg, Mark, Kevin, Butch, Trevor
Race Class: B.A.D
Hull length & type: 21ft Racecraft
Race boat number: aS123
Year of manufacture:
Engine built by: Mitch at MK Performance
Engine capacity and make: BBC 8.5 Litre
Components of interest:
Estimated horsepower: 1600
How did the boat get it's name: We thought it up after crashing "The Thing"
Cell capsule cockpit?: No
Aerodynamic rear wing?: No
Recent results: 3rd 2008 Jeff Thompson Memorial

Finalist's at 2008 Dorwin Gold Cup & Iron Nuts Shield

Most coveted race finishes:

3rd 2008 Jeff Thompson Memorial

3rd 2008 Marj Watson Trophy

Estimated build cost:

ADRAD Radiator Experts

Collins Industrial Distributors


GR Cooper Earthworks

LPG Inspection Services


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